“Even often heard classics can be a surprise when they are so wonderfully played as by the Austrian pianist Ingrid Marsoner.”




Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonatas Op. 101 . 78 . 111

Pizzicato SuperSonic Award



      Sonata Op 111, Maestoso - Allegro con brio ed appassionato


      Beethoven - Sonata in F sharp major Op. 78 - 1. Allegro, ma non troppo, Ingrid Marsoner, piano


“Considering Beethoven, Schnabel, Gulda, Brendel ... Kempff, Gilels and Lewis, they each convey Beethoven to us in his true grandeur. Yet, we must inevitably place Ingrid Marsoner´s interpretation of this three Sonatas Op. 78, 101 & 111 on the same level (...)" 


"In her performance you find the same emotional depth that those great pianists mentioned above achieved (...) Without needlessly and misguidedly, Marsoner gives us a convincing interpretation for the 21st century.”

Naxos Newsletter



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Sonatas . Fantasia




      Mozart - Sonata in C minor, KV 457 - 3. Allegro assai


      Mozart - Sonata in C minor, KV 457, KV 457 - 1. Molto allegro

“Profound musical insight and an extraordinary understanding of Mozart speak from the pianist’s brilliant art ... Conclusion: this is a Mozart that will resound for a long, very long time.”

Klassik Heute

"There are thousands of Mozart piano recordings, but we always take delight in a CD by the Austrian Ingrid Marsoner. Not only does the Graz-born pianist play wonderfully subtly and sensitively, she has also compiled an attractive programme.”

Klassik Newsletter Berlin


Hummel | Beethoven - Piano Concertos

Thomas Roesner . Orchestre Symphonique Bienne




      Hummel Piano Concerto A minor op. 85 - III


      Beethoven Piano Concerto C major op. 15 - III


“Her inspired, crisply fresh and breathing rendition of the C major concerto by Beethoven is fascinating. Its dialogue culture, its distribution of stress and its tense tempi are reminiscent of Glenn Gould’s legendary performance of 1958.”

Crescendo Magazine

“On her most recent CD, she now presents her virtuoso side on the piano, and this is a magnificent success in the case of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1 and Hummel’s Piano Concerto No. 2 ... With all her delight in ebullient virtuosity, in this music, too, she places faith in her feeling for the lyrical features, which radiate through her great mastery.”



Johann Sebastian Bach
Goldberg Variations BWV 988




      Bach - Goldberg Variations BWV 988 - Aria


      Bach - Goldberg Variations BWV 988 - Variatio I


“Her playing is not only completely precise and transparent, but also has immense clarity, and generates a powerful brilliance and emotionality that is on par with Gould in a parallel universe. Breath-taking and beautiful.”

Plaerrer - Nurnberg City Magazine

"There is hardly a note that is not as clear as day...Her flowing and mellifluous performance of the figuration in (Goldberg)variation 13 creates one of the most beautiful renditions of the piece that I’ve come across (...)”

Fanfare Magazine


Rick LaSalle (*1951)
Piano Sonatas . Ragtime




      Rick LaSalle - Sonata No.2 - 2.


      Rick LaSalle - Rondo Joplinesco \"Ragtime\"

“This is illustrated by Ingrid Marsoner’s crystal clearly articulating, strikingly brilliant and present, distinctive, devoted and whimsical performance. It sparkles and shines incessantly.”

Klassik Heute

"This is, for instance, the reason why an established composer such as Beat Furrer (“Ingrid Marsoner is a wonderful pianist”) is just as impressed as his three-years-older ‘colleague’ Rick LaSalle, who, after hearing Marsoner play his Ragtime and Zorzico from the Eighth Piano Sonata, was speechless except for the words: “It could not be better or more correct.”

Dr. Eckhardt van den Hoogen

Jan Ladislav Dussek
Piano Concerts in F Major Op. 17

Paul Weigold - Camerata pro Musica

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