"Thrilling and virtuoso ... a veritable ray of hope!"
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Beethoven-Album op. 78 . 101 . 111

"In her brilliant Beethoven recording, Austrian pianist Ingrid Marsoner fully connects with the music and delivers very personal and altogether fascinating performances..."

"Here, (performing the Arietta) Marsoner’s ability to suggest the mighty integrity of Beethoven’s architecture from multiple points of view within the musical narrative is particularly impressive." ..."

Ingrid Marsoner New CD Release Buttom to the Album Beethoven Sonatas Op.78, Op.101, Op.111

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Ingrid Marsoner plays J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variations

At Musikwochen Millstatt and
at Meraner Musikwochen

"Only a person with a truly ardent affinity with Bach can play the Goldberg Variations as straightforwardly, as unpretentiously, and in such a wonderfully direct, lucid manner as Ingrid Marsoner. That this is what constitutes great art is no secret. Technical sovereignty and musical intelligence are, of course, its prerequisites ... As a master, she guides the listener through the 30 variations of the opening aria, and the wealth of Bach’s compositional skill is revealed in all its clarity."

Peter Blaha - BUEHNE, about Ingrid Marsoner´s CD Release of Bach´s Goldberg Variations.

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