"one of the most beautiful renditions, that I’ve come across."
Fanfare Magazine

Ingrid Marsoner - New CD-Release

Beethoven Op.78 . 101 . 111

Ingrid Marsoner New CD Release Buttom to the Album Beethoven Sonatas Op.78, Op.101, Op.111

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Ingrid Marsoner plays J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variations

Live at Musikwochen Millstatt and
at Meraner Musikwochen

"Only a person with a truly ardent affinity with Bach can play the Goldberg Variations as straightforwardly, as unpretentiously, and in such a wonderfully direct, lucid manner as Ingrid Marsoner. That this is what constitutes great art is no secret. Technical sovereignty and musical intelligence are, of course, its prerequisites... As a master, she guides the listener through the 30 variations of the opening aria, and the wealth of Bach’s compositional skill is revealed in all its clarity."

Peter Blaha - BUEHNE, about Ingrid Marsoner´s CD Release of Bach´s Goldberg Variations.

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